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GeChic 1303A 

Portable Monitor

13.3 " & 1366x768 Resolution

With HDMI, VGA, Mini-DP 

GeChic 1303A 13.3" Portable Monitor

Resolution 1366x768 with HDMI, VGA input, Mini-DP

Ultra-light, Weight 1.3lbs, 

GeChic 1303A weighs less than 1.32lbs and offers minidisplay input so you can connect this portable moitor to even more devices without having to use any adapters. With easy out-of-the-box set up, this 13.3" portable monitor starts up in seconds with its plug and play feature with no driver installations. 


Designed for maximum flexibility and portability, this 1366x768 panel is less than 1.1 cm in thickness. Connect this portable monitor to your laptop, Xbox, Playstation, Mac Mini, camera, smartphone, or other devices. 

Mini Display Port

VGA port

DC-IN port

Micro HDMI port

USB port

Portable Gaming Monitor

With 60Hz refresh rate, game on the go with absolutely no lags on your portable screen. Play Uncharted 4 on your PS4 with 1366 x 768 resolution for optimal play. 

No adapters are needed to connect the portable monitor to your Playstation or Xbox. An HDMI to micro-HDMI cable is supplied in the box.


*Note: the portable monitor will not draw power from your game console. A wall adapter or power bank will be needed to power the display.

Only Portable Monitor Designed for Mac

GeChic 1303A is the first portable monitor on the market that offers minidisplay input- no extra adapters are needed. Use the 1303 minidisplay port cable and connect it to your MacBook, Mac Mini or other minidisplay ports! 

Stand Cover Offers Protection and Portablity

GeChic 1303A comes with an aluminium cover that protects the monitor from external force during travel and doubles as a stand as well. When placed on the table, the monitor could stand at three different angles (72 degrees, 62 degrees, and 53 degrees) using the adjustable magnetic strap. 

Color Adjustment Settings

GeChic 1303A is the only display on the market that supports optimized color adjusting settings. Adjust your monitor according to your taste- color temperature, color effect, hue, saturation. 


Showcase your photos to your friends or family using a bigger screen. Simply connect the monitor to your smartphone. To connect to smartphones, an adapter will be needed.


For IPhones: A lightning digital AV adapter will be needed for Iphone 5/6. 

For Samsung: A MHL adapter will be needed. 


*Note: The monitor will not be able to draw power from your smartphone. A wall adapter or a power bank (recommended 7800mAh or above) will be needed to power the monitor. 

GeChic 1303 VESA Kit

The 1303 Vesa Kit includes a durable magnetic strip included within the aluminum cover to prevent the monitor from falling. A 2.1M USB to micro-USB cable and a 2.1 HDMI to micro-HDMI cable is also included in the kit. With longer cables, it gives more flexibility to the user when the monitor is connected to a wall mount or tripod. 


Connecting to a tripod: Attach the 1303A monitor to a tripod and take it out for a photoshoot. There is a 1/4" screw at the bottom of the case that can be screwed onto standard tripods. A power bank will be needed to power the monitor.


Connecting to a Vesa Arm: Hook GeChic 1303A onto a vesa arm and attach it to your table to free up desk space. The additional strip at the back allows you to attach a vesa arm in the back.






VGA Cable


VGA to Micro VGA Cable

Color: Black

Length: 120 cm

Suitable for: all GeChic models

Stand 4


Description: Silver Stand 4

Color: Silver

Suitable for: all GeChic models

13.3" Sleeve


Description: 13.3" Protective Sleeve

Color: Black

Suitable for: GeChic 1303H, 1303i, 1302 models

Mini HDMI Cable

Description: micro HDMI to mini-HDMI Cable (for cameras)

Color: Black

Length: 120 cm

Suitable for: all GeChic models

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